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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

And So It Begins.....

Every Christmas my family would put me on a 'no craft' ban, because for as long as I can remember Christmas was always the perfect opportunity for me to "get my Craft on".  Year after year I would cut, glue, paint, mosaic, paper mache and pretty much just make a really big mess.  Some years I had great ideas and my mum would proudly display the end product in the house while others years, well.... lets just say the end product was not so great.   My husband learnt very quickly that when I said "I feel like making something" he should run for the hills or find me something else to do stat, because once I started it always ended in the kitchen table being cover in this that and the other until you couldn't see an inch of the table top.

One of my first layouts
But recently my husband spent a few moths away from home for his job and I had the whole house to myself (big mistake), so with no one else in the house to keep me company I yet again found the urge to 'make stuff'.  A good friend of mine had decided to try her hand at Scrapbooking for the first time and it brought back memories of me making an album for my little sister's 21st Birthday (another of my 'Great' craft ideas), so without a second though I was hooked.  I pulled out old craft supplies I had stuffed away and attempted my first layout.   Because my husband was going to be away for Christmas I decided my first project would be a mini album for him made up of things to remind him of home.  Needless to say my first page was dismal but fast forward a few Scrapbooking Magazines and I was starting to feel like I could paint the Mona Lisa.

Although the Mini album turned out to be a little less of a masterpiece than I though, my husband still loved it because it reminded him of so many things his missed about home, and like it or not I loved turning a plain photo into a story and was 100% addicted to Scrapbooking.

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