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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy Birthday to you.....

Well it was my husbands Birthday the other day and I wanted to be a little sneaky and make him a few surprises.  Im not sure about everyone else but when you live in the same house as someone it is very difficult to spend hours making something without them seeing it.  So with the help of my BFF I spent the evening at her house making a Birthday card.

It turned out so cute, I even ended up making a tag to match.   Then there was the cupcake surprise, I had to sneak into my craft room while distracting my hubby with all the Crime Channel he could handle watching, to make some cupcake toppers with the logo of his favorite Footy Team.

And then again with the help of my BFF we managed to get some very Blue cupcakes made for a surprise Birthday cake.

My darling husband was very surprised and let me tell you, the cupcakes were to die for.  

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